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About Solar Cool

Solar Cool SA is an energy efficiency company with its core focus on commercial HVAC( Heating Ventilation and Air-conditioning) & refrigeration. All solutions derive their efficiency from one central source - 100% clean and free energy from the Sun.

The founders of Solar Cool SA - who were also the original founders of "Totally Solar (Pty) Ltd" -  understand the need for creating a greener, cleaner environment for future generations to come. In doing so, we offer economically feasible, long term solutions to our clients - helping to increase their bottom line through reducing large electrical expenses in an environmentally friendly manner.

Solar Cool SA prides itself in doing business and forming long term relationships based on honesty, integrity, loyalty and transparency. Taking a journey with us down the road to a greener future and increased bottom line will result in a Win-Win outcome.

Start your journey with Solar Cool SA today.

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